MLT Diagnostic Cytology Exam June 2019

MLT Diagnostic Cytology Exam June 2019
Attention Manitoba MLT Exam Candidates Please be advised, effective January 1, 2018, the College of Medical Laboratory Technologist of Manitoba (CMLTM), the provincial regulator, has final authority on the eligibility of all MLT exam candidates writing in Manitoba. This affects all MLT certification exam candidates writing in the province of Manitoba. We recommend you contact CMLTM to ensure you are able to write the MLT certification exam in Manitoba. Even though a candidate has met the CSMLS’ eligibility requirements, the CMLTM also requires candidates to meet language proficiency requirements,article/13/csmls-mlt-exam-candidates Please direct any questions regarding this policy to the CMLTM office, phone: 204-231-0311 or: 877-331-0311, fax: 204-489-7300, email:,, or
6/11/2019 - 6/11/2019