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The Online Directory verifies CSMLS membership status and certification type only and is not reflective of the status of licensure through any provincial regulatory colleges.


Certification Type Subject Certifications
ART Advanced Registered Technologist CC Clinical Chemistry
FCSMLS Fellowship CG Cytogenetics
FCSMLS(D) Distinguished Fellow CLG Clinical Genetics
FCSMLS(H) Honorary FCSMLS CM Clinical Microbiology
G General Medical Laboratory Technologist CY Diagnostic Cytology
S Subject Certification EM Electron Microscopy
MLA Medical Laboratory Assistant HE Hematology
HI Histotechnology
MLA(p) Medical Laboratory Assistant IH Immunohematology
provincially certified IM Immunology
only applies to OSMT and BCSLS MGT Management
PA Parasitology
SE Serology
TS Transfusion Science
VI Virology