If you have a CSMLS ID number follow the directions below to Log on.
If you do not have a CSMLS ID number please select “Create a new account” below.
If you are or have ever been a CSMLS member please do not create a new account.
If you do not remember your CSMLS ID number or are unable to logon please contact Finance and Administration at 1-800-263-8277.

How to Log on:
Logon: Your CSMLS ID number, including the zeros, to make it seven characters in length (ex. 1234567 or ex. 0004567)
Password: Your first initial + last name

Important: If you have signed into your CSMLS account before, and changed your password, use the password that you switched to.

Passwords are case sensitive and must be a minimum of six characters. Please add zeros to the end of your password if needed to create the minimum characters
Please Note:
Your Password is your first initial of your first name(Capitalized) and your last name – as it is properly spelled, including capitals, hyphens and apostrophes (First letter of last name is capitalized).

  1. When your first initial and last name are less than six characters: JDoe00
  2. Your last name has an apostrophe: MO’Brien
  3. Your last name has a space: SVan Wagner
  4. Your last name has a hyphen: ASmith-Jones

Log On